The passing of a compassionate shortwave listener, Agnes Joan Negra

By Jock Elliott, KB2GOM

I just received this:

Dear Jock:
It is with a heavy heart that I must report that 102 year old, Agnes Joan Negra passed away last Friday, peacefully, and at home. She went into Hospice care about three weeks ago.

We had a private funeral for mom…immediate family only. But I wanted to pass on her obituary which can be found on website:

Thanks for your support of Agnes and her incredible life story, “Waves of Hope”… It is truly appreciated.

We hope this finds you well.
Val Negra

Agnes Joan Negra was a shortwave monitor during WWII who sent out more than 300 letters and postcards to families to inform them that their loved ones were captured and still alive.

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If you would like to know more about how shortwave monitors impacted lives during WWII, check and .

As I have said before: And so, dear reader, never belittle your hobby of listening to the airwaves, because you never know when something you heard may be able to offer comfort in times of trouble.

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5 thoughts on “The passing of a compassionate shortwave listener, Agnes Joan Negra

  1. jack dully

    All the mentioned folks from that generation,”The Greatest Generation”,I believe in their own way contributed to victory and freedom and supplying some solace to those missing loved ones in combat to protect those very freedoms.peace of mind is priceless.Thanks all for enlighting meon this topic.

    1. Jock Elliott


      Thanks for the kind words.

      My family was affected directly by shortwave monitors, as the linked articles explain.

      Cheers, Jock

  2. Val Negra

    Thanks so much for posting this. Agnes was so proud of contacting POW families during WWII, and as you stated, you never know the importance of the short wave radio and how it impacted lives. My favorite quote from a POW mom, is : “As long as there are Americans like you who are doing such wonderful work and giving such wonderful service to our fellow Americans, I’m sure victory will be ours, and you can be sure you and others like you have played a vital part”
    “Waves of Hope”….


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