Audio journalist seeking Radio Free Grenada recordings

I received the following message from Ted Muldoon via the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contact form. If you happen to have any recordings of Radio Free Grenada, please comment so we may add these to the archive and preserve them for all to enjoy:


My name is Ted Muldoon. I’m an audio journalist at The Washington Post.

I’m currently working on an audio project examining the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983. Among the many lasting impacts on the island from that year, was the loss of the Radio Free Grenada archive, which was bombed and destroyed by the Americans. From what I understand from speaking with people on Grenada, it was huge cultural loss for the island.

Doing a quick search, this post ( was one of the few results returned with a snippet of archival audio from that time. I’m curious whether there’s any chance that the author, Jim Nall [or other contributors] might have more recordings from Radio Free Grenada?

Ted Muldoon

I realize how unlikely it is that anyone still has a recording of Radio Free Grenada, but if you do please comment or contact us so that we can digitize, archive, and share this with the wider world.

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2 thoughts on “Audio journalist seeking Radio Free Grenada recordings

  1. Sam Alcorn

    Dang, I used to have a cassette tape of a 19-meter Radio Free Grenada broadcast! But, I fear, it’s long gone after a dose of down-sizing and several moves.

    I visited the Radio Free Grenada shortly after the fighting was done for a Travel-Holiday writing assignment. There wasn’t much left. I returned a year or so later for a family vacation and and stayed at a small hotel on Mourne Rouge and Grand Anse Beach – very close to the station. The site was pretty much untouched even then.


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