Classic GE shortwave portable featured in this 1986 battery commercial

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Yowell, who writes:

Tom – someone posted this week a rarely seen 1986 commercial for Eveready Batteries featuring the GE World Monitor radio (and Gold medal Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton!)


Click here to view on YouTube.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Robert. I have a special affinity for my GE 7-2990A as it used to belong to my dear friend, Michael Pool (The Professor). It’s quite a workhorse of a radio with excellent mediumwave chops and it packs some amazing audio fidelity. Of course, with the right batteries, it’ll keep you on the air for weeks or months at a time! 🙂

Any other GE 7-2990A owners out there?

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5 thoughts on “Classic GE shortwave portable featured in this 1986 battery commercial

  1. G. K. Hamlin

    I had a G. E. World Monitor for several years and wish I still had it. It was a lot of fun to use, excellent for SW utility DXing. The great audio quality was a big help when listening to weaker signals.

  2. Anthony Genzale

    I bought the GE World Monitor in May 1984 and still have the radio,but use it only on occasion. It still works well.

  3. Henry

    Years ago I had a “National” version of the GE GE 7-2990A, but it fell victim to the “split plastic gear” fault in the tuning string system that they are prone to.

    I have read that hobby shops used to stock a brass gear that could be retrofitted.

    Someone who is into 3D Printing should create a file so these gears could be made when needed.

  4. William Pietschman (W8LV)

    Interesting! I wonder if anyone remembers The Embassy Scene from the movie: The Killing Fields. A shortwave radio was the central prop, and I’ve not been able to identify the radio used. There is also a SECOND scene with a different radio as the prop in which Deth Pran is secretly listening to a BBC or VOA broadcast when he is unmasked to not be the “taxi driver” he claims to be by his Kmer Rouge “Host”. Briefly, we see the dials of a radio, one of the dials appears (to me) to be a “bandspread” one.
    All the Best! 73 DE W8LV BILL

  5. William Pietschman

    Wow, that’s great! Does anyone remember The French Embassy Scene from the movie the Killing Fields? A shortwave radio is central to the plot, and I’ve never been able to figure out the specific radio model shown as the prop… There is also a ANOTHER scene where Deth Pran is unmasked by his Kmer Rouge “Host” to not be the “taxi driver” that he explains himself to be, while he is listening to an English (BBC or VOA?) Broadcast on a DIFFERENT shortwave radio.
    73 DE W8LV BILL


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