Cyber Monday Sale: Sangean HDR-14 and many other Sangean models discounted

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Chan, who notes that the Sangean HDR-14 has been discounted to $67.99 for Cyber Monday at We have to assume that the sale will end today.

This is an excellent little AM/FM HD radio that I reviewed several years ago. Click here to read the review.

Click here to check out the HDR-14 at (affiliate links).

Many Sangean models are being discounted for Cyber Monday. Check out their full product line here.

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11 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Sale: Sangean HDR-14 and many other Sangean models discounted

  1. At least my humour is still sharp :)

    At the beginning I saw “discontinued” 🙂
    It seems that I should rather search for some discounts for better glasses instead of radios 🙂

  2. Peter L

    I am about 260 km north of KRLD 1080 and their HD signal was decoding nicely on my HDR-16 (more boom-box like than the one shown here). Wish more stations on AM would have kept their HD signals up. And yes, I *am* a MW DXer …

    I have several Sangeans and like them all.

    1. mangosman

      Peter L,
      The reason why AM stations have dropped HD is because the digital signal is contained on the frequencies used by other broadcasters.
      Even in all digital HD, the signal still contains a carrier which is 90 % of the radiated power.
      Digital radio mondiale (DRM) does not contain a carrier and is broadcast on high frequencies (SW) and medium frequency (MW or ‘AM”). India has 35 MF DRM transmitters some of which are 20 times the highest power of the most powerful USA AM transmitter (50 kW)

      1. Mike Bennett

        .the $64,000 question, is WHY does America/Canada NOT, adopt the DRM standard…?
        The Americans are the type…”if it ain’t invented here, we won’t have it!”
        .so, that being said, with so much sympathy for AM, is there NOTHING to replace, doomed to forever have this standard?

    2. Mike Bennett

      ..are you talking about daytime or nite-time receive on your HDR-16..? Any cheap radio can receive nite-time signals (usually 11:00 PM until 5:00 AM) here in the Mid-west…If in Hamilton, Ontario, a cheap radio will pick up 720AM (chicago), 760 WJR (Detroit), 880 AM (new yawk), 1030 AM/Boston, but DAYTIME receiver is a great challenge…..?

  3. Daniel Robinson

    Not that this really matters, but I wonder how many units being sold by Amazon and other suppliers are still 073 or slightly higher, rather than 078.

      1. TomL

        I believe it is whine noise from the LCD panel, spurious tone noise from lake of shielding something on the circuit board, SSB volume still being low, and lack of bandwidth choices on SSB. Only the last one would be fixable with a firmware update. The other three issues ostensibly need a more physical type of fix at the manufacturing level. I think.

        1. TomL

          The whine noise from the LCD panel only happens when using the whip antenna. It may have been fixed by now but no one has confirmed it yet in a published video so we can see for ourselves.

          Personally for me, the spurious noises are much more important to get rid of.


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