Readers and friends have spoken: I’m keeping the Sony ICF-SW100

Yesterday, I published a post listing several radios for sale. These are all portables I haven’t used in a while–I would like them to be in the hands of someone who could put them on the air. I have so many portables that many get overlooked because I’m just one guy. That, and I’m also using the sales a means to build up my radio funds kitty for some future purchases.

In this first post, I mentioned I might sell my Sony ICF-SW100 and that I was on the fence.

Evidently you all know me better than I know me! I received 7 emails and numerous comments urging me to keep the SW100 noting that I would regret selling it.

I’m taking your advice and, frankly, I think you’re right: I believe I would regret this sale. It’s a unique radio and one I desperately wanted in the 1990s, but simply couldn’t afford. It works perfectly, too, so perhaps it’s a sign that I simply need to put it on the air more often.

Thank you for speaking up. I should note that the offers I received on the SW100 were all accompanied with notes telling me that I probably should keep it, too. That’s saying something!

I will be listing more radios here soon including:

  • A Uniden Bearcat TruckTracker V Scanner (BCD436HP) with GPS antenna
  • A Marathon ETFR with custom belt case
  • And possibly one of my Sony ICF-SW7600GRs as I have a total of three

I’ll have even more than this as I work through some of my extras. Stay tuned and thank you for the support!

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10 thoughts on “Readers and friends have spoken: I’m keeping the Sony ICF-SW100

  1. john

    Good plan!

    Only have two Sony ICF-7600GRs myself, had a third unit, one of the older iterations, but gave it to a family member (in mint condition) and within six months it was trashed.

    Lesson learned…

  2. Henry N6HCM

    Sensible. I would. have bought it if I knew it was up for sale. I’ll have to make do with my icf-sw1s…

    I have that uniden bearcwt but haven’t put it all together yet…

  3. 13dka

    Mission accomplished! Congrats to the new radio owners! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now to the topic for what someone would need 3 or even 2 ICF-7600GR. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Rob

    I too think that you made the right decision. I have not one of those, but at least two and haven’t considered getting rid of any of them. I do fear however that the one day they will need some capacitor work. Here is an interesting website that may have even come from this forum about the SW-1 that may be applicable:

    Sadly though, my biggest complaint with all such radios is the lack of the great broadcast programming that used to be on. And another thing that has changed my perspective of radios like this is my Airspy HF+ Discovery. Though it needs a computer to do its thing, there are some possibilities with Android mobile devices. And overall, the performance from such a little radio is nothing short of a miracle!
    Enjoy your SW-100, that was/is as seriously cool radio!

    1. TomL

      Is there a reliable SDR software (on Android) that is compatible with your AirSpy??? Would love to use an old Android tablet with my AirSpy HF Dual-port model. I love it with SDR# and SDR Console on Windows but don’t want to lug that around.

  5. Haluk Mesci

    I think the decision to hang on to that little wonder is the right one.
    (Likewise I am not ever thinking of selling mine either. And the other one? Panasonic BF65.)

    Best regards


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