Reception Reports Requested: “One-Off” DRM Broadcast From Woofferton To India Today

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mangosman, who shares the following announcement from the DRM Consortium:

Encompass Plans A One-off Broadcast From Uk To India On Nov 4th

Encompass Digital Media will be running a one-off transmission from its site in Woofferton, UK, on Friday 4th of November. This electronic music broadcast will target the whole of India, around 5,000 miles (or about 8,000 kilometres) as the crow flies to the centre of the country. This might be the longest distance Encompass has covered with its DRM transmissions.

Before the actual broadcast, several tests were run using different frequencies, antennas and power combinations. The final test on November 2nd to confirm final set-up was a great success as the audio could be recorded from a KiwiSDR online receiver located in New Delhi. The SNR of 20dB was measured in New Delhi and 23.9dB in Bangalore, which proves the power of shortwave radio and how DRM and its excellent sound, even in shortwave, can travel such long distances. The audio was also decoded in Bangkok, and a listener report came even from Canada!

This experimental broadcast promoting the music of C. M. Obrecht is scheduled for tomorrow [today Nov 4 at time of publishing], 19:00 – 20:00 UTC, on 11710kHz. It will use xHE-AAC codec with DRM Mode B, transmitting at 125kW on a 78* bearing from Woofferton. The audio will be accompanied by ancillary data including a slideshow image of the album cover art.

Although the transmission time will mean it will be quite late in India, Encompass is interested in receiving any reception reports from within the country, particularly from anybody using a car radio. Please send reception reports to Steve Palmer at: [email protected] (This is also the address to use for further information about Encompass’ DRM projects and services).

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6 thoughts on “Reception Reports Requested: “One-Off” DRM Broadcast From Woofferton To India Today

  1. mangosman
    After India, the signal continues on to Western Australia, but I was unaware of this during the broadcast.
    I listen to the BBC Singapore broadcasts to India. From the rear of the transmitting antenna, 4000 km away the signal reaches Western Australia, reliably.

    If the signal from Woofferton is emanating from the rear of the transmitting antenna goes over Canadian Newfoundland and down the USA Eastern Seaboard.

  2. mangosman

    I like the spectragram. It shows that all the AM signals contain at the greatest power the carrier which contains no information. On the left is the DRM signal which is all data!

  3. mangosman

    Ben, obviously hasn’t listened to continuous sound better than local AM happening day after day at a distance of 4,000 km like I have!
    Since the USA has adopted the poor performing HD radio, there is very little DRM aimed at the USA.
    The Brazilian Government has let a contract for a high powered DRM transmitter to cover the Amazon. During testing with a much, much lower powered test this signal was received in multiple locations across the USA.
    Radio New Zealand Pacific has also let a contract for a new high frequency DRM transmitter. The old transmitter has been heard in the USA particularly on the West Coast.

    India has 37 very high powered DRM transmitters operating in the medium frequency “AM” band. There is also 4 high frequency DRM transmitters. Most transmitters carry 2 programs. They also have 5 million new cars which contain DRM receivers fitted as part of the usual purchase price. Nearly all new cars now delivered contain DRM receivers.
    For more information see

  4. Walt

    I listened to the test broadcast earlier this month on 11710 between 19:00 and 19:30. From 19:21 until sign-off, I successfully decoded the broadcast almost perfectly from my SDR site in Masset, off the NW coast of British Columbia, Canada. QSL was received almost immediately, as well. I was very pleased! 73

  5. Brian Pietrzyk

    I’m in Canada and I’m curious to hear a DRM broadcast. Other than an USB SDR receivers, what portable receivers are folks using to hear these broadcasts. I’s be interested in getting one and even taking it along on trips to Europe/Uk to try it out there?


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