Jeff’s recordings of HAARP’s Asteroid Sweep Signals

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jeff Cooper (KJ7LTU), who writes:

Hello Thomas!

First thank you for continuing to update your blog and website. It is such a great resource for those of us still tuning in to those distant waves.

I was doing some listening this morning [December 27, 2022] and checked your blog only to find out the HAARP experiment was underway. I quickly tuned to 9600 kHz and managed to pick up the signal twice in Southern Idaho. I made recordings of the capture and posted them on YouTube:

Please note: To be very clear, these are recordings of the transmitted sweep signals from HAARP. These are not recordings of the actual bounced signal from the asteroid. HAARP and NASA would need an extraordinarily high-gain antennas and radio astronomy-grade low noise receivers to detect a signal at this distance.

1732 UTC:

1752 – 1810 UTC:

-Jeff Cooper (KJ7LTU)

Thank you so much for sharing these recordings with us. I think HAARP is going to get reports from across the globe. Seems these sweep signals were widely received. I’m very curious if HAARP met any success hearing one of the signals bounced back to earth from the target asteroid. Hopefully, we’ll soon learn!

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4 thoughts on “Jeff’s recordings of HAARP’s Asteroid Sweep Signals

  1. Tim Brockett

    I heard the signal from 21:45 to 21:55.
    It sounded very different than the sweep signals in the above YouTube videos.
    It was a pulsating low tone for about 1 second. The tone sounded like 5 quick thumps on a bass drum. Then silence for an equal amount of time and then the pulsating tone.
    I was listening from Emigrant, Montana.
    Maybe HAARP used different signals at different times?

    1. TomL

      Not sure. You may have heard this like I did earlier in the day around 17.59 UTC (a fast, deep, pulsating chirp) that lasted only 15 seconds.

      The HAARP transmission was not like this and distinctly every 2 seconds, just like the videos posted. Check out the one from Scotland in my comment below. If one had to tune off-frequency to avoid the carrier from China Radio International on 9600, the “chirps” take on a more wispy sound, but were still only 2 seconds apart. Also helped to have the USB bandwidth setting set to 6 kHz or more to hear this well.

  2. Richard Langley

    It’s almost a certainty that people recorded the outgoing transmission from HAARP as reflected by the ionosphere rather than signals reflected by the asteroid.


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