Radio Deal: Original CC Skywave SSB (Version 1) for $119.99 US at HRO

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jack (W1JS), who writes: 

Hi Thomas,

I was just on HRO’s website and noted that they have the C Crane SkyWave on sale for $119.99 until 1/2/2023. That’s a great price! I am fairly sure I paid $170 for mine which I purchased 5 years ago.

73 & Merry Christmas,


Thank you for the tip, Jack! That’s an excellent price on the Skywave SSB. My guess is they’re selling of this original version (Version 1) of the Skywave SSB to make room for the new Skywave SSB 2

Click here to purchase the CC Skywave SSB (Version 1) at HRO. 

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One thought on “Radio Deal: Original CC Skywave SSB (Version 1) for $119.99 US at HRO

  1. Mike in Knoxville

    That is a good deal. I just noticed the SSB 2 is $150 on Crane’s website ($20 less than originally priced), so I just ordered that instead.


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