Rob spots a rare Hy-Gain Galaxy R-1530 shortwave receiver on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rob, who shares a link to this Hy-Gain Galaxy R-1530 listed on eBay and notes: “A radio that might be of interest to your readers.”

Click here to view this listing on eBay.

It is a beauty for sure. The seller also has a stellar reputation on eBay which is always good.

I’d be very curious what some of the collectors in our radio community might think of the R-1530. Is it as rare as the seller implies? Perhaps Dan Robinson can shed some light on this model?

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6 thoughts on “Rob spots a rare Hy-Gain Galaxy R-1530 shortwave receiver on eBay

  1. Paul E

    HyGain bought the Galaxy brand from WRL (World Radio Labs, Council Bluffs, IA) in the early 70s, hence the re-branding and changes. Their 3750 HF ham transceiver (sold mid-late 1970s) was made for them by Panasonic, and is still highly prized.

  2. Michael Black

    It’s mostly an R530. It’s always been vague what the difference, so either minor changes or just a number change to reflect the new company making it.

    As I’ve said before, there’s a review of the R530 in CQ in 1968. That’s back when reviews were about telling us what’s inside

  3. Daniel Robinson

    Galaxy R530 and R1530s are a mixed bag and can be a curse for those unable to perform repairs. If the PLL circuit is working you’re in luck. If not, good luck. Hygain was not known for producing top level receivers. While the 1530 was supposedly for military/commercial use, not many were put into use. These are classic looking receivers that stir up collecting emotions, but unless you’re prepared to deal with inevitable problems, you could end up with a non-working boat anchor.


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