Can you help Paul identify this station?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who writes:

I had a strong s9+20 signal on 9595kHz Mon Jan 9th, 2023 here in Alaska in the 1900UTC hour with nothing but a repeating loop of the same island-y like music.  The track was about 3-5 minutes long and there was no station announcements of any kind between the one repeating track. It was gone by 2000UTC. No one is listed on eibi,, or HFCC Raw data for this frequency at this time.

Who is it? It sounded too clear and good to be China, but I suppose that’s possible.

Readers: if you can help Paul, please comment!

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5 thoughts on “Can you help Paul identify this station?

  1. paul

    A 2nd addition… this had the behavior of something kinda skywave-y, while strong.. it wasnt solid like “im in the target area” or quite the perfect location for 2nd/3rd hop type stuff…….

  2. Paul

    I should hasten to add, it could also have been music from the African continent, I didnt live listen for a long awhile.

    Google has been no help either

  3. Klaus-Peter Hilger

    I heard KSKO in October on 5900 kHz via Kostinbrod, Bulgaria. I think they relayed two hours a month from strong radio transmitters, maybe WRMI and others.



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