Dan notes a beautifully restored vintage Zenith in “Hunters”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

Following up on the item about the Grundig SAT 700 in a scene of Last of Us, the series “Hunters“, with Al Pacino, about Nazi hunters, featured a beautifully restored Zenith wood cabinet radio in the second to last of 8 episodes.

The Zenith is seen sitting between an elderly German couple who were helping to hide a Jewish family from the Nazis.

Hunters is an excellent, if sometimes hard to watch, series which brought Pacino back to TV. The scenes with the Zenith radio were almost as long as the one in Last of Us containing the Grundig 700.

What a gorgeous Zenith, Dan. Thank you for sharing this and your notes about Hunters.

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6 thoughts on “Dan notes a beautifully restored vintage Zenith in “Hunters”

  1. John P. Dully (Jack)

    I’m wondering what network or cable channel was “Hunters” on ? Hearing about it was a first for me,Thanks Speakers mounted in wooden radio radio cabinets always sounded very good to me on their tone,rather than those mounted in plastic housings.I guess the old expression “The older the fiddle,the sweeter the tune” still applies.

  2. oLwood-USA

    Fwiw:: –me thinX this modeL Zenith (in the ‘Hunters’ pix) has its AF-Out Speaker being blocked off by the stack o’ Books piled atop its cabinet…?? …just sayin’, Guyz. . .



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