Bob Zanotti’s presentation to the Fairlawn Amateur Radio Club (Part 1)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bob Zanotti (HB9ASQ), who has, at my request, shared a video recording of a presentation he gave to the Fairlawn ARC last year.

This is part one. Part two will soon be released and we’ll post it on the SWLing Post as well! Thank you, Bob! Enjoy:

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5 thoughts on “Bob Zanotti’s presentation to the Fairlawn Amateur Radio Club (Part 1)

  1. Harold Sellers

    A voice that can’t be forgotten. This interview stirred so many great memories in me. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Barry Bogart, VE7VIE

    That was great. There are some synchronicities here. I also grew up in NJ, was licensed at 13 (WV2ECZ), also had a S38-E (and still do). I listened to Long John on WOR and Jean Shepard, K2ORS just before that. Later I lived in Montreal and listened to CKGM. On SW I listened to RCI, BBC, DW, FRI, RHC, RL, but I think never Switzerland in English, but I do remember Radio Suisse Romande. Je suis bilingue. In fact, being an SWL from a young age MADE me an Internationalist.

    So now I am going over to Switzerlandisound!
    73, VE7VIE and WV2J

  3. Walt Salmaniw

    That lovely radio voice is identifiable anywhere! Brings back many happy memories, for sure!
    My recording failed the first time when Bob was on a few months back (it was in the middle of the night for me), so thank you SO much for posting it now!!!

  4. Sarah W Salter

    Fascinating – the old days, the technology of the Itallan Radio Relay Station, and then the transition from SW to internet – and the serious blocking that occurs. Thanks to Bob Z, and to all who brought this onto SWLing. From an old ham who did have to do the code test and barely scraped by, KB1HAD


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