Frans add a Decca manual antenna tuner to his urban listening post

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Frans Goddijn, who writes:

Hi Thomas:

I bought a vintage antenna tuner, one that does not need a power source, very basic just a box with some beautiful coils and nice big variable capacitors and it works for the big magnetic loop antenna here.

I have four GRAHN loop antennas which each have their box with dials to fine tune the signal but the big loop didn’t have that yet.

The tuner works well, filters out some noise but I must say the iCOM radio also managed to select good signal from the loop with its own tuner system and the DSP noise filter at the speaker end of the system further clears up the voice sounds.


Best regards,


The internals of manual antenna tuners are simply hypnotizing, aren’t they? You’ve a beautifully-built tuner there that is functional and will outlive us all!

Thank you for sharing!

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3 thoughts on “Frans add a Decca manual antenna tuner to his urban listening post

  1. Neil

    A beautifully made z-match tuner. They really do work well…
    You can get kits (and prebuilt) of pretty much the same circuit that would work the same as that one, it just looks a LOT more “home made” ..
    Search for “emtech zm-2” 🙂

  2. Jock Elliott

    Wow, Frans, that is beautiful!

    The innards look like some sort of steampunk equipment . . . as if the secret to tuning is to get the steam pressure just right.

    I would be really tempted to leave the cover off just so I could admire it.

    Cheers, Jock


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