Rob’s overview of the new 2023 WRTH

Image source: Rob Wagner (Mount Evelyn DX Report)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dean Bianco, who shares a link to Rob Wagner’s overview of the new 2023 edition of WRTH (which is now under new ownership).

Click here to read on the excellent Mount Evelyn DX Report.

Thank you for the tip, Dean!

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4 thoughts on “Rob’s overview of the new 2023 WRTH

  1. Bill V Lee

    An Armoured Tank arrived today 22 FEB 2023.
    A sausage of cardboard secured by large copper stables.
    Inside, another set of thick cardboard sausage.
    And Then…. The Book!!

    Migawd, it is heavy this year.
    Very nice. Loads of articles, reviews. Not many adverts, and
    no index of adverts.
    The 6 topic bars on the edge of the book are offset for
    most, but MW by Region and Shortwave Stations of the world
    are parallel, separated by “un-barred’ “Frequency Lists” pages.

    Now to see / hear what nightside signals there might be.

    1. Bill V Lee

      The Clandestine Radio secion mentioned below is not “barred” on the edge, but
      follows International Radio in a different sized font from page 667 through
      674, not mentioned on first page (625)of the International section.

  2. L.T. Hanlon

    Thanks for the link to Rob Wagner’s excellent overview and the link to order. I’ve just purchased mine.

    From the examples shared of the 2022 and 2023 WRTH pages, the main difference seems to be the switch to a serif typeface and, most notably, in the clandestine pages, additional linespacing. If this is consistent throughout the WRTH, it could account for the increase in pages.

    Choosing serif or non-serif type often is a matter of personal preference, as readability studies differ on which is better.

    I agree that the layout in front is challenging for the eyes — the 2023 edition’s single-column design forces you to read in CinemaScope.

    I’m anxious to see what the new owners have included in the WRTH 2023 edition.


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