11 thoughts on “Special DRM Broadcast on Saturday, April 22, 2023

  1. Benjamin

    I used my Tecsun PL-990 with whip airial. Exactly @13.00utc very strong signal on 21580 kc .Sinpo -55555 !!! Signal was stronger than most of Chinese frequencies. Best wishes ?

  2. mangosman

    Transmission: AM for 1 hour then DRM for an hour.
    22/04/2023 14:00 AM, 15:00 – 16:00 DRM Transmission direction from Woofferton, Ludlow, UK towards Australia AM 250 kW DRM 110 – 120 kW kW.
    xHE-AAC Audio compression DRM mode B, (medium rangeuse, multipath resistant.Channel width 10 kHz ILF =L SDC4 level QAM, MSC 16 QAM 1 channel Audio no Data channel. Slideshow is transmitted but KiwiSDR cannot decode it Audio data rate 10.26 kbit/s
    Text line Search for C. M. Obrecht on social media
    Reception report [email protected]
    • Brookton Westerm Australia
    14:14 UTC S6 – S8 Electronic music with added phasing No noise or interference.
    Receiver KiwiSDR Horizontal Loop antenna near Farming region
    Path distance 14,745 km
    Matched German Identification at 14:33 UTC

    • Teraba NSW Australia
    KiwiSDR VK2ATZ Westlakes Amateur Radio club 40 m dipole
    S6 – S7 S/N11.6 dB some juddering around 15:25 UTC MSC fails.
    Path length 17,046 km

    • Upper Hutt New Zealand
    14:45 UTC S5 – S7 Electronic music with added phasing and hash. No interference. So If Level varying from around -9.9 – – 13 dB
    Receiver KiwiSDR End Wire, direction unknown
    Path Distance 18,769 km over the North pole
    DRM Signals S5 -S6 Audio is breaking up . Sibilance or high frequency audio distortion on speech ‘s’. I have also head the sibilance from BBC, Singapore on DRM both are through the internet.
    It was reliable audio decoding for around 45 minutes to the end.

  3. Jerome van der Linden

    Hello Dave & others,
    Well it took perhaps a couple of minutes but by 1402 UTC, I was able to listen to a clear DRM signal via the Tarlee Kiwi SDR, with no dropouts. Announcement in German by the programmer and then more synthetic music. As clear as a bell, with no fading or background noise like we’re used to with normal SW / AM. And whereas the AM signal was only S2, the DRM signal is like a local FM signal. I don’t understand the reluctance of broadcasters to adopt DRM more widely.
    But now at 20 to midnight my time, it’s time to “say goodnight”

    1. David Porter

      It’s Woofferton UK courtesy Encompass Digital Media

      First hour is AM, second hour DRM.

      Bearing from UK is 70*.

      1. Jerome van der Linden

        I was curious about that myself. Pleased you have found a way to determine that. Being Woofferton, also suggests it will be at least 50 or 100kw.

        1. David Porter

          Hi Jerome,

          The output power meter on the RIZ Sender 96 at Woofferton indicates 110-120 kW when on DRM after the selection from the 250kW AM tune up has finished. So yes, it’s on the Full Power condition.

          Dave G4OYX , retired Senior TX Engineer, Woofferton.

          1. Jerome

            As at 1310 UTC, the AM mode is coming in to the Kiwi SDR at Tarlee in South Australia at about 25432 SINPO by my estimates, on 21580. It will be interesting to see what the quality is like from 1400 in DRM. If its running 250KW on AM I would have expected a little better signal.

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