Can you help Bob identify this mystery signal?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bob (K7ZB), who shares the following note and recording: 

Hi Thomas,

I recently started using an SDRplay RSP1A with their new software release SDRconnect.

Quite a nice piece of work and my first foray into SDR after 60 years of analog radio (K7ZB).

Today I was listening to WWV on 10MHz and it was being interfered with a strange type of digital signal that pretty much covered the band.

I finally tracked it down to 9.979MHz, recorded it and sent it to a friend who did a bit of audio analysis on it by expanding out the signal to look at individual bursts.

I certainly don’t recognize the modulation although it sounded like a form of CW in burst mode.

I am just curious if you have any insight on this signal or where I might go to find out more about it.


Gilbert, AZ

Post readers: Can you identify this signal? If so, please comment and thank you in advance!

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8 thoughts on “Can you help Bob identify this mystery signal?

  1. Mario

    Reminds me of when electronic keyers first came on the ham radio scene and new ops were trying them out on the air, hihi.

  2. Jos Berrens

    it looks and sounds like solarpanel (inverter) interference. Here @ my place in the Netherlands it starts around 2mhz and drops more & more after 12mhz. Its like raining/snowing in the waterfall all over the band. Not much you can do about it. if you like i can make a waterfall recording and show it here.
    regards Jos.

    1. Neil

      I have heard similar signals on Russian Strategic Net frequencies – Sometimes it goes for hours.
      I have heard it on different frequencies too, and always “seems” to be associated with Russian transmitters. I doubt it is local interference.


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