Special Program: Woofferton Transmitting Station’s 80th Anniversary on October 17, 2023

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Porter, who shares the following announcement:

Woofferton Transmitting Station UK – 80th Anniversary – October 17, 2023

To mark this anniversary Encompass Digital Media at WOF will be running a special programme on HF :

Tuesday 17th October 2023 from 1330 – 1430 UTC/GMT

Sender 95 Marconi (BD272 from 1963) 250 kW AM 15245 kHz Array 928 294* for North America

Sender 96 Riz 250 kW AMC 17785 kHz Array 904A 114* for Europe and beyond.

Sender 92 Riz 110 kW DRM 11725 kHz Array 909A 114* for Europe and beyond.

There will be an opening interval signal on all three frequencies.

The programme content will be historical facts of WOF in BBC, VoA, Radio Free Europe, R Liberty ,CBC etc and the later privatised times, DW and VoV for example as well as up-to-date information on DRM as well as personal recollections from many former WOF staff. There will be station idents of services over the years.

There will be a special e-QSL card and the chance to enter a competition to win a historic station artifact and an Woofferton 80th mug.

There may be more details to follow…

Watch this space


Dave Porter G4OYX

Broadcast coverage plots

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18 thoughts on “Special Program: Woofferton Transmitting Station’s 80th Anniversary on October 17, 2023

      1. Richard Langley

        Note that this recording does not include the interval signals from the different stations that used Woofferton that concluded the last 10 minutes or so of the program.

  1. John Johnson

    Reception was fine business up in MI, USA on 15245kc. I sent a report to compass.tv to that effect.

    Wonderful hour program led off with a fine history of Wooferton transmitters and ended by repeating various vocal and musical interludes used to mark stations going off-air over the years.

    I really enjoyed joining in this celebration of the wonders of radio, a hobby I have enjoyed for nearly 50 years.

  2. jerome van der Linden

    Well I certainly hope that the segment makes it to air today TUESDAY OCTOBER 18!!! as I could not hear a thing last night which was Monday October 17 on either 17785 or DRM11725. Somebody made a mistake in saying it was to be on Tuesday 17th October, as that was NOT the correct date!
    I hope there is something tonight at midnight South Australia, which will be 1330 UTC on Tuesday (18th).

    1. Jerome van der Linden

      Now I DO feel like an idiot! I could have sworn that yesterday was the 17th, and that today (Tuesday would be the 18th)! Please ignore the above post: I don’t know what calendar I was looking at.

      1. Jerome van der Linden

        And YES, it is on tonight. I’m listening and recording the signal on 17785. Better on a nearby KiwiSDR than on on my own SDR, but still very listenable.
        I may even send them a report!

  3. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Wow! No transmissions to South America and Africa! And Woofferton (Encompass) has a good revenue from BBC Africa, which can be tuned here in southern Brasil.

  4. mangosman

    It is interesting to compare the signal strength maps above for Europe.
    The AMC signal is stronger than the DRM signal. This is because the AMC still has a carrier who’s power is dependent on the volume of the audio hence the ‘C’. The carrier power is reduced during low volume sound. Most AM broadcasters use sound compressors for the maximum volume signal to overcome the noise. DRM has no carrier at all so the field strength is the average power which is lower, but also the received signal strength may be lower because the receiver can apply error correction and still produce continuous sound without interference and noise being audible.

    1. Roseanna - RNEI

      Worth noting that the maps are set to 34dB SNR for AM, 21&23dB SNR on the DRM; aka that is compensated for. It’s much more down to frequency choice than anything else (17 vs 11MHz!)


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