1971 “Hippy” Shortwave Listening

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Meara who shares this story on the SolderSmoke Podcast and notes, “With more to follow…”


From the Last Whole Earth Catalog (1971) — Short Waves — Part 1

Having recently returned from San Francisco, it seemed somehow appropriate for me to take a look into the Last Whole Earth Catalog (1971). I picked a copy of this book up some time ago. There is some radio stuff in it, a lot of it on shortwave listening. [To the right] is one article. I’ll post more in the days ahead.

It was around 1973 that I gave my cousin’s husband Mike an S38-E shortwave receiver. It is a wonder that he survived. He did report electrical shocks.

Click here to read this article and listen to the episode via the SoderSmoke website!

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2 thoughts on “1971 “Hippy” Shortwave Listening

  1. adid

    3 months ago I trashed my copy of “Whole Earth Catalog” to recycle
    I collect catalogs but after 15 years I decided this XXL paper print is just too much to keep.

  2. Hank

    I have memories of the Whole earth catalog, including “Why Does a Tree Sway in the Wind”
    (answer vortex shedding – same thing that causes Stop signs to “wiggle” in high winds)
    and how to rig up three cables to a swaying tree in order to drive a generator or pump.

    Coincidently or not, one of the authors of the Whole Earth Catalog is being honored with a festival soon:



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