Mark spots a vintage radio in ‘Taxi Driver’

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes:


I’ve been deep down the k-drama rabbit hole for months now and I’m trying to familiarise myself with the Korean language at the same time.

I’ve just started a new series called ‘Taxi Driver’ and this radio cassette player popped up in the first episode. It shouts ‘shortwave receiver’ to me, but what I think is the manufacturer logo is blacked out in the top left corner.

I’m wondering if anyone recognises the model; it has a late seventies Panasonic or Sony vibe to me.


Readers: please comment if you can identify this radio for Mark!

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12 thoughts on “Mark spots a vintage radio in ‘Taxi Driver’

  1. Barry Bogart

    It does look like a Sony or Pany, but I am doubtful. But they did have lots of models. I love my 2010, but it has too many buttons and not enough knobs! 73

  2. Mark Hirst

    Thanks for the all the replies. After a quick image search, I see your answers are spot on!

    Interesting to note that brand names and logos are frequently obscured in k-dramas, including car logos, food product names, and clothing logos – radios are no exception it seems.


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