Micro FM Broadcasting: Boyz II Men repeating ad infinitum

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia, for sharing the following news item:

How a tiny Montclair radio station came to play a continuous loop of one Boyz II Men song (NorthJersey.com)

George Louvis has broadcast WVRM on short wave radio [SWLing Post note: FM not shortwave] from his office on Valley Road since the late-1990s. Its signal is weak, only commanding antennas for one block between Bellevue and Lorraine avenues.

Unwitting listeners tuned to 91.9 FM as they drive through the uptown shopping district are delighted to find the signal as it plays its only program: a one-minute loop of Boyz II Men’s 1994 hit “I’ll Make Love to You” that repeats ad infinitum. But the bemusing broadcast is no irreverent prank. Or, if it is a joke on anyone, it would be Louvis, who’s been pumping the signal into Upper Montclair’s airwaves for more than 15 years.

“The mystery of it has been so amusing to people,” Louvis said from his home in the Midwest ? although he still returns to New Jersey regularly. “I feel obligated to let it play until the machine dies.” [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Micro FM Broadcasting: Boyz II Men repeating ad infinitum

  1. Walt Salmaniw

    I guess his transmitter is similar to the old talking houses that realtors used, and that I’ve DX’d twice….once at the infamous Grayland, WA Grayland Motel, and later from home in Victoria. Both transmitters were several miles away. No QSLs were ever received, lol!


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