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RF919 Bonus Antenna

I received a message yesterday from Raddy Marketing that they are offering a bonus antenna for the RF919 radio which will be shipped with future orders.

Here is the note they sent:

“All previous RF919 orders from our website or Amazon are eligible to request the new antenna. Customers can contact our customer service at [email protected] and provide their order number to receive it.”

I do not have any details about the new antenna, but wanted to post the info so folks who have purchased the radio as indicated above can receive the offer from Raddy.

Robert K4PKM

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4 thoughts on “RF919 Bonus Antenna

  1. Neil Goldstein

    I was able to email them and request it yesterday. While I was communicating with them, I asked about firmware upgrades and whether they would be user upgradeable. Their reply:

    ***Yes, the RF919 radio is firmware upgradeable. Firmware updates can provide improvements, bug fixes, and new features to enhance the performance and functionality of the radio. Typically, firmware upgrades can be done by the user.***

    I also made a few feature change suggestions, like a lower threshold on the lowest squelch setting, a more drastic attenuator or multi-level, and a small bass and treble boost at low volumes in addition to the EQ similar to the old loudness contour button on old stereo receivers.

    1. Shawn

      Dan Robinson did this update on his rf 919 and the update bricked his radio it will not turn on or operate now..he is waiting for raddy to reply to his email

  2. Dan

    According to Raddy: “We have created a a T-shaped antenna for the RF919. This antenna was not included in the previous batches but will be included in all future batches. . .all customers who previously purchased the RF919 from our official website can contact support with their order number to get the antenna for free.”


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