“What connects the Finnish YLE station and Prague?”

Professionals at the station often had a background as radio amateurs or radio electricians. Photo from YLE’s archive.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adid, who writes:

Hi Thomas, a post on Reddit with a picture of radio stuff lead me to Google for its source.

It led me to this page https://yle.fi/a/3-11502533

My Finnish is not as good as Google’s, but even with its poor “auto” translation, the story can be fairly understood and bring to life the 1968 Soviet’s invasion to Prague from the YLE side.

That article was written in a book by an YLE broadcasting engineer for 40 years. A few pages of his book can be viewed here with more nice pictures.

As a child I do recall that event in the local news coverage and it was also immortalized few months later, in the Israeli music scene with an amazing song, very popular till today.

I’m sure many of SWL’ers can share some of their memories of that Soviet’s invasion to Prague in 1968.

Best regards, adi

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