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KMRE radio

Since posting the article about the American Museum of Radio and Electricity last week, I’ve been listening to their low-powered FM station KMRE online. If you’re into radio nostalgia as I am, you, too, may enjoy listening to their tunes and other historic recordings. Great stuff!  Give it a listen:

Listen to KMRE online.

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QRZ visits the American Museum of Radio and Electricity

Fred Lloyd (AA7BQ), publisher of QRZ.com (a very popular ham radio call sign website) has written about a recent visit to the American Museum of Radio and Electricity:

Earlier this week we were treated to a tour of the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, a must-see landmark in the city of Bellingham, Washington. The AMRE is located in the central downtown district of the city and despite it’s rather plain looking exterior, inside is one of the most interesting and engaging museums of its kind anywhere.

[…]The museum includes more than 11 distinct period exhibits that commence with the very discovery of electricity itself, recreating the initial experiments of Ben Franklin, Ohm, Volta, Hertz, Tesla, and others. Here, you’ll find Leyden Jars, static electricity experiments, some of the first batteries ever made, the first electromagnet, the earliest electric motors, and other devices that were truly genius for their time. Sometimes, you just have to stop and wonder how these great pioneers, some more than 400 years ago, had the insight and inspiration to make the discoveries they did.

Read the full story here.

Also, check out the American Museum of Radio and Electricity website.  It’s packed full of information and will certainly give you a much needed dose of nostalgia.

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