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Andy hears Morse Code in B52s concert

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Andy, who writes:


I was just listening  to an old B52’s music gig on YouTube when it got
to 51:57 mins in.

You can clearly hear NAWS DE CFH and some other stuff.

How did that get there–?

73 de Andy

Thanks for sharing, Andy!

Ah yes, Planet Claire! I actually heard the eB52s play this one live at a concert in the early 90s.

The “CHF” that you hear is the callsign of the Canadian Forces Station Mill Cove. This is a partial recording of a CHF broadcast listing frequencies for RTTY transmissions. The B52s have been known to incorporate radio feedback and snippets in their work. You can hear CW more clearly in this video:

In fact, when I saw the B52s live, Fred Schneider used a walkie talkie Morse Code button (the type that you could find on kids’ walkie talkies) for audio feedback in at least Planet Claire and Rock Lobster

I bet there are some other B52s fans out there who will have even more insight! Thanks again, Andy!

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