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The CBC: A truly “wireless” transfer of money

(Source: CBC News via Andrea Borgnino)

On The Morning Edition, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo was able to successfully transmit bitcoin over radio waves.

This makes what is believed to be the first known transmission of the digital currency by a public radio station.

A series of beeps were played over the air, and listeners were asked to use an app known as chirp.io to decipher a code produced by the sound.

Chris Skory of Rockland County, New York was the winning recipient, and unlocked 0.05 bitcoin worth about $40. The bitcoin was donated by Waterloo start-up Tinkercoin and a local bitcoin enthusiast.

“I did not think that I was going to get it at all,” said Skory. “I figured there was going to be some pretty stiff competition out there.”

Click here to listen to the full story via the CBC website.

Perhaps we should challenge VOA Radiogram‘s Kim Elliott to perform an international wireless transfer via shortwave?  🙂 Certainly be a great plot to attract listeners!

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