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Where to buy shortwave radios in New Zealand?

ElisabethAndPerI received a message this morning from a Norwegian couple, Per and Elisabeth, who are circumnavigating the globe in a sailboat.

They’re currently in Opua, New Zealand, and are looking for a shortwave receiver with SSB mode.

They depart New Zealand on May 6, 2014 so are very much in a hurry to find one.  They plan to use this radio to receive weather fax while on the open sea. Personally, I would hope they could find a good tabletop receiver for the job, but they would be happy with a capable portable radio.

On a side note, I’m well aware that the Digitech Audio AR1945 is readily available in New Zealand, but based on comments from a previous article, I also know that it performs miserably on SSB.

If you can help Per and Elisabeth find a shortwave radio with SSB in New Zealand, before they depart on May 6, please comment!

You can follow Per and Elisabeth’s sailing adventure on their website and blog.

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