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The Bonito RadioJet: Out of Germany, a new PC controlled shortwave receiver

The Bonito 1102S RadioJet. (Source: Bonito.net)

I’ve been struggling to keep up with the pace of news during my recent travels, however one relatively new shortwave receiver, the Bonito 1102S RadioJet, has certainly captured my attention. Though still awaiting approval by the FCC in the US, the RadioJet is available for order through the manufacturer in Germany.  Universal Radio will retail the RadioJet for the US market once approved by the FCC.

What could make this radio worth consideration is the potentially low noise floor–evidently the antenna and analog to digital converter have a uniquely direct connection with no active components to add distortion.

The interface (GUI) looks clean and intuitive at first glance. Take a look for yourself in this video demonstration:

We’ve created an entry for the Bonito RadioJet in the SW Radio Index and will update it as information becomes available.

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