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“Our Little Rendezvous” has a shortwave reference

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gregg Freeby, who writes:

Heres another one for you. I know we are always watching for short wave radios in popular movies but what about pop music? Turns out Chuck Berry’s song, “Our Little Rendezvous” recorded in 1960 has a reference to a short wave radio. You can listen to it here:

How very cool! The grandfather of rock’n’roll never disappoints.  Thank you for sharing, Gregg!

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Pirates playing Chuck

Chuck Berry (1926-2017)

If you’re a fan of rock’n’roll, you no doubt heard the sad news of Chuck Berry’s passing today after 90 years at full throttle.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Hansgen (K8RAT), who notes that a number of pirate stations have been playing Chuck Berry tributes tonight; these will, no doubt, continue into tomorrow night, as well.

Mike’s message prompted me to trigger a spectrum recording, as I’m currently on the road. I’ll pull out a portable tonight and listen live, but it’ll be nice to catch up with Chuck later as I play back my spectrum recordings. (This is why I love SDRs.)

Many thanks to the pirates who are paying tribute to the legend.

Rest in peace, Chuck. A toast to the grandfather of rock’n’roll.

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