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Help using crystal calibration on the Toshiba RP-2000F

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Darren Davies, who writes:

Hello Thomas,

I was gifted the Toshiba BCL receiver by an old work colleague. It’s an absolute beauty, in excellent condition and is unusual in that in comes with UK FM band and not the more popular Japanese one. It wipes the floor with newer radios on MW.

I writing to ask if any of your readers have any idea how to use the crystal calibration system. There’s very little information about the radio online and I’d like to get it into tip top condition.

Absolutely love your site and look forward to your daily emails. Keep up the good work.

Cheers Darren

First of all–wow! I love the design of this Toshiba. It’s brilliant that it even has built-in rails to protect the front panel. Obviously a radio that beckons to be taken to the field! Thanks for sharing your photos, Darren.

Post readers: If you know how to calibrate this Toshiba RP-2000F, please comment!

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