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The Grundig S450DLX

The new S450DLX promises to be a capable shortwave and mediumwave radio.

Universal Radio has announced that they are taking orders for the new Grundig S450DLX–an obvious replacement/improvement on the Eton/Grundig S350DL.

I have used an S350DL extensively and find that its audio is exceptional. It is a very capable short and medium-wave receiver. Based on Universal’s description, it appears the S450DL has many improvements including:

  • An AM IF Output jack (F type) which could be used to decode DRM or SSB (similar to C.Crane Radio SW)
  • 50 Memory Presets (10 per band)
  • Dual-conversion superheterodyne circuit design
  • Uses 6 D cell batteries (guess this new radio needs more juice!)

The S450DLX could be a great radio and may even give my favorite large portable–the C.Crane Radio SW–a run for its money.

Universal Radio says that they expect to have the S450DLX in stock 30 December 2010. (Updated 12 Dec 2010)

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