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The ELAD FDM-S3 is in production and shipping to distributors!

(Source: Elad USA)

Elad USA Inc.
618 Cummings Chapel Road
Ridgeville, SC 29472 [email protected] or call 312-320-8160 (10am-6pm)


Elad S.R.L. Italy and Elad USA Inc.

Elad are pleased to announce the ELAD FDM-S3 is now in production and shipping to distributors world-wide.

The ELAD FDM-S3 is a 16bit state of the art Software Defined Radio, for radio enthusiasts, shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists and test labs. The S3 contains several exciting options. It will allow for reception of up to 24Mhz of bandwidth across the frequency range of 9kHz to 108Mhz as standard. (Extended range from 9Khz- 2Ghz will be available later in the year with an optional internal downconverter.)

Oscillator features:

Standard Oscillator version with TCXO 0.1ppm lockable to GPS (included) need only GPS antenna

Optional Oscillator OCXO with less phase noise and accuracy lockable to GPS. Includes GPS Antenna.

The radio can be used with Elad’s famous SW-2 software or third-party software, like SDR- Console from Simon Brown.

The radio has Bias-T power on two of the three antenna ports, one for HF and one for VHF to enable items like powered LNA/Filters

Connects to PC via USB3.0 cable (supplied) and GPS can also be interrogated via UBlox software.

The radio is in production now and shipping, pre-order for USA/Canada via https://shop.elad-usa.com/sdr-radio/
or in the UK via Martin Lynch https://www.hamradio.co.uk/
or Germany via http://www.wimo.com/
or direct from the Elad Factory http://www.eladit.com
For Release 09/14/2020

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New ELAD FDM-S3 Direct Sampling Wideband Receiver – Specifications and Photos

Many thanks to Paul Jones with ELAD who recently shared the following photos and specifications of the upcoming FDM-S3 SDR:

ELAD FDM-S3 Direct Sampling Wideband Receiver


2 switchable HF Antenna inputs direct sampling

1 VHF Antenna input direct sampling

Works with FDM-SW2 ELAD Software & SDR Console

Optional: Antenna RF input downconversion (50MHz – 2GHz preview)

Real Time I/Q Stream Bandwidth 192kHz, 384kHz, 1536kHz, 12880kHz, 24576kHz

122.88 MSPS – 98.304 MSPS 16bit A/D converter

Clock synchronized to GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System or 10MHz Ext Ref


Auxiliary USB used to monitor GPS status or for clock firmware updates

10MHz Clock reference Output

10MHz internal standard TCXO 100ppb referenced, optional 3ppb OCXO referenced

Paul notes that the price will be 949 Euro (roughly $1040 USD). No delivery updates were mentioned.

I’m a bit in awe of the maximum working bandwidth: 24.576 MHz–!

No word on availability yet, but I will post it when ELAD has a firm date. I do plan to review the FDM-S3 once it’s released. Follow updates by bookmarking the following tag: ELAD FDM-S3

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ELAD introduces new products

Elad FDM-S3

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mike Hansgen (K8RAT), who notes that Italian manufacturer, ELAD, has introduced a new speaker, an amplifier and the FDM-S3 SDR is now available to purchase.

Elad-FDM-S3 Screenshot

The ELAD FDM-S3 was first announced last year, but has only recently started shipping. We know its processing bandwidth is impressive–wide enough to include the entire FM broadcast band! The price is 949.90 EUR.

ELAD has also introduced a matching amplified speaker–the SP1:

ELAD SP-1 Speaker Front

ELAD SP-1 Speaker Back

If I owned an FDM-DUO transceiver, I would grab this matching speaker! Knowing ELAD, I imagine the audio is impressive.  The price of the SP-1 is 140.30 EUR.

And finally, ELAD has also posted a photo of what appears to be a new amplifier:

Elad Duo art amplifier

I have no details about the SP1 speaker or DUO-ART amplifier–and few details about the FDM-S3–but I will meet with ELAD at the 2018 Hamvention in a few days and gather more details.

Follow the tag ELAD for updates.

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The new Elad FDM-S3 SDR: screenshot of the entire FM broadcast band

Click to enlarge.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rafman, who shares this tip via the Elad Yahoo Group where Elad engineer Franco writes:

Today I can show new hardware capabilities of FDM-S3:

24.576 MHz I/Q stream and you can see the whole 88-108MHz FM Band sampled.

The FDM-S3 is equipped of USB-3 controller…

Here a screenshot:
new info will come in next weeks.

73, Franco IU3ADL

Wow–the entire FM broadcast band! I bet recording that would burn through a 1 TB hard drive in no time! Can’t wait to try it!

As SWLing Post readers know, I love the FDM-S2. Very happy to hear the FDM-S3 is in the works.

We’ll post updates from Elad as they’re released. Follow the tag: FDM-S3

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