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Dave’s review of the Icom IC-R75 HF receiver

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who writes:

My Icom IC-R75 review now posted. Being on the market for over 15 years of course they are available on the used market without too much trouble. Yes : Kiwa Electronics (Craig) are still doing the audio modifications.


Thanks for sharing, Dave! The R-75 enjoyed a longer market life than most other tabletop receivers of the past. As you state, there are deals to be found on the used market!

Click here to search eBay and also check QTH.com’s classifieds.

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The Icom IC-R75 is being discontinued

Icom-R-75I’ve learned through a couple of sources that the Icom IC-R75–which has been a staple tabletop shortwave receiver for 16 years–is being discontinued by Icom. Here’s what Dave Zantow (N9EWO) announced on his website:

“Last Call” ICOM IC-R75 Table Top HF Receiver : Yes, it’s true and is not a misprint (news as from a solid reliable source) , Icom has discontinued the IC-R75 HF receiver. It had a great 16 year run on the market. I would NOT look for Icom to replace the model.  As I type this entry most US Icom dealers had limited remaining stock. But you can count on those to get slurped up fast !! So if you ever desired a NEW sample, you MUST do that NOW !!

Only a few weeks ago, in my presentation at the Winter SWL Fest, I noted that the IC-R75’s days–as one of the last “legacy” tabletop receivers–were certainly numbered. Since the R75’s introduction, a lot of the receiver market has shifted to SDRs and SDR-based tabletops (like the CommRadio CR-1a).

The IC-R75 must have one of the longest runs (with various iterations) of any tabletop receiver ever on the market–most impressive!

Universal Radio has a special package price of $619.98 for the IC-R75 which includes the DSP option and Joe Carr’s antenna book and free shipping. Click here to view on Universal Radio’s website.

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