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New large portable shortwave radio in the works?

(Source: bbs.tecsun.com.cn)

(Source: bbs.tecsun.com.cn)

Gary writes:

It looks like a new, large portable radio — along the lines of the Redsun RP2100 — is on the way. At least this one includes a direct-entry keypad and SSB, like the RP3100 is supposed to.


I hope they can do good QC, and keep the sample to sample variation low.

Thanks, Gary. It does look like a variation of the of the RP3100. Sounds like it’s not a Redsun product, but may have been ported from one of their engineers for JiDian. It certainly has the trademark look. If this is true, there’s a possibility that C.Crane could bring this to North America. Perhaps it’s the next radio in line to succeed the CCRadio SW?  Though a great radio, the CCRadio-SW is getting a little long in the tooth.

New Shortwave Radio–The Thanko Raremono USB Shortwave

The Thanko Raremono USB shortwave radio.

The Thanko Raremono USB shortwave radio.

I can’t wait to review one of these. It’s a new, inexpensive, computer-controlled shortwave radio by the Japanese company, Thanko. The jury is out about its performance, but it does have the following features:

  • AM, FM and good Shortwave coverage (3,000 kHz-20,000 kHz)
  • Ability to record radio programs live or schedule recordings of future broadcasts.
  • Hooks up to the USB port on your PC and is software controlled
  • Works on Windows XP and Vista

The Thanko Raremono USB Shortwave is available from the Thanko website for $45 US (English translation).

Stay tuned–I plan to review this radio in the near future.