New large portable shortwave radio in the works?



Gary writes:

It looks like a new, large portable radio — along the lines of the Redsun RP2100 — is on the way. At least this one includes a direct-entry keypad and SSB, like the RP3100 is supposed to.

I hope they can do good QC, and keep the sample to sample variation low.

Thanks, Gary. It does look like a variation of the of the RP3100. Sounds like it’s not a Redsun product, but may have been ported from one of their engineers for JiDian. It certainly has the trademark look. If this is true, there’s a possibility that C.Crane could bring this to North America. Perhaps it’s the next radio in line to succeed the CCRadio SW?  Though a great radio, the CCRadio-SW is getting a little long in the tooth.

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8 thoughts on “New large portable shortwave radio in the works?

  1. R.Santhosh Kumar

    My brother living in Australia brought this receiver & gifted it to me. Here in Bangalore I am not able to receive any stations on the HAM band with a outdoor antenna. The FM reception is good. I could do some Dxing & receive some distant FM stations ( Stations as far as 350 KM away ). I am dissapointed with the SSB reception. I hope Digitech is working on a solution to this problem.

  2. Phil Ireland

    This radio has been released in Australia via the Jaycar Electronics Stores as the Digitech Audio AR 1945. It has all the hallmarks of Redsun radios. I bought one and overall the performance is very good on MW and SW, FM is ok and AIR band isn’t too bad. The big drawback is the SSB. It is dreadful, by far the worst SSB demodulation I have ever come across in a radio. This needs to be addressed and once done so, will be a good receiver. Pity it doesn’t have Synchronous detection as, if you look at the display carefully, provision has been made for this feature. I wonder how it can be activated? I would appreciate any comments on a fix for the SSB

  3. Keith Perron

    This radio look like a Grundig I picked up in the US last year sold by Eton. The performance is bad to say the least. Companies like Redsun, Tecsun and other in China while different are in reality the same company. they are all owned by the same parent company which is a SOE (State Owned Enterprise) in China. They use the same factories.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Daniel, I bet there could be a line of people one mile long who agree with you. I would love for Sony to introduce another benchmark like the ‘2010. Unfortunately, if anything, it appears Sony only backs out of the SW market now.


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