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Ron notes that “Purple Power” is not the same product or formula across the globe

We’re shared a number of posts here about how well the product “Purple Power” cleans the sticky residue off of portable radios than once had a rubberized coating (the coating breaks down over time and becomes incredibly tacky).

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, RonF, who writes from Australia with this important note:

Tip for non-USonians: what’s sold as “Purple Power” (and “Simple Green”, and several other frequently-recommended cleaners for this sort of thing) are not necessarily the same products around the world.

For example, in the US “Purple Power” is an ethylene glycol based cleaner/degreaser; here in Aus, if you ask for “Purple Power” you’ll get a sodium hydroxide based degreaser.

One will clean the gunk off your radio; the other will clean the gunk *and most of the labelling* off…

Wow–that is an important distinction! Thank you for sharing, Ron!

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Yahoo! Groups closing

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, RonF, who writes:

Hi Thomas,
Thought you might like to give a heads-up to any readers using Yahoo! Groups that they plan to shut them down soon. I know there’s a lot of older hams & SWLs who rely on groups there, and Yahoo! have done a terrible job of notifying group admins and members of the upcoming change – while there’s a banner at the top of group pages announcing the members & admins of the shutdown, there’s been no contact with group admins, and the groups there I’m still on knew nothing of it until I mentioned it to them and pointed them to https://help.yahoo.com/kb/groups/SLN31010.html

Shutdown is due to start on 28th October – but I’ve been told that for European services it’s the 21st of October. Less than a week away…

After the last Yahoo! Groups outage/debacle most groups I followed moved over to Groups.IO. Very similar features, with free & paid service levels depending on the level of service/storage/etc/ required. As far as I know, all the groups I’m on that moved from Yahoo last time are existing happily on the free tier. Not an ad, not a recommendation, just an observation. 😉

Thank you for the heads-up, Ron! If you belong to an active radio discussion on Yahoo! Groups, contact your admin if you haven’t already been moved to Groups.IO.

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