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Yahoo! Groups closing

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, RonF, who writes:

Hi Thomas,
Thought you might like to give a heads-up to any readers using Yahoo! Groups that they plan to shut them down soon. I know there’s a lot of older hams & SWLs who rely on groups there, and Yahoo! have done a terrible job of notifying group admins and members of the upcoming change – while there’s a banner at the top of group pages announcing the members & admins of the shutdown, there’s been no contact with group admins, and the groups there I’m still on knew nothing of it until I mentioned it to them and pointed them to https://help.yahoo.com/kb/groups/SLN31010.html

Shutdown is due to start on 28th October – but I’ve been told that for European services it’s the 21st of October. Less than a week away…

After the last Yahoo! Groups outage/debacle most groups I followed moved over to Groups.IO. Very similar features, with free & paid service levels depending on the level of service/storage/etc/ required. As far as I know, all the groups I’m on that moved from Yahoo last time are existing happily on the free tier. Not an ad, not a recommendation, just an observation. 😉

Thank you for the heads-up, Ron! If you belong to an active radio discussion on Yahoo! Groups, contact your admin if you haven’t already been moved to Groups.IO.

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The Tecsun PL-660 and PL-880 groups have disappeared?

This is the message you will find if you attempt to visit either Tecsun Yahoo group.

This is the message you will find if you attempt to visit either Tecsun Yahoo group.

I’ve gotten messages from several readers over the past two days noting that the Tecsun PL-880 and PL-660 Yahoo groups have vanished. It’s a shame as these sites have a treasure trove of information in their archives.

When I look through my Tecsun PL-880 archived emails, I see that the last message from the group was dated May 24th, 2014: two days ago.

The last thread contained some heated discussions that got quite personal between group members.

It can be a tough call for group moderators to step in and ask for a discussion to end or to ban a member from the group. You’ll notice (or perhaps not) that I rarely moderate comments on the SWLing Post.

Aside from blatant SPAM, there have only been perhaps two or three comments I’ve moderated in the many years this site has been online. In those cases, commenters were posting personal attacks. I wrote to the commenters and explained why I removed their comments; only one persisted, so I banned his IP address from posting future comments.

With that said, I’m so proud of the community of readers and SWLs here at the SWLing Post! I’ve made some great friends through this site and have learned so much from our many readers.

How many readers? The SWLing Post averages about 2,500 daily readers and 120,000 monthly page views. In 2008, I could have never imagined…

Thank you!

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