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Dan’s advice for prospective Sony CRF-320/CRF-330 owners

SonyCRF-320In response to our Sony CRF-320 post, SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, comments:

“Thanks for posting this item. I’m the moderator of the Yahoo group for SONY 320 and 330s — they are quite common these days on EBay.

The key, however, is condition and many of them are often suffering from one or more problems common to this receiver including: stuck S-meters, faulty LEDs, gears in the main and AM/FM tuning sections that are dried out and cracked, belts in the recorder (in the 330s) that need replacing, and a variety of cosmetic issues.

Prices for 320s range from the high hundreds near $1,000 and slightly higher, and for 330s usually well above $1,000 to near $2,000 for units that are in 9.0 or higher condition. Prospective buyers of these wonderful radios need to ask numerous questions of sellers so as to avoid problems down the line.”

[…]I will add a couple of things — the 320 on Ebay right now that Tom identified has the old style rotary clock, while the main photo is one with the LED clock, which is more desirable on the used market. The seller of this particular 320 is well known on Ebay for his extensive write-ups of equipment, quite informative and useful, and he has the advantage of access to a local electronics shop that actually still does repairs of 320s and 330s.

Keep in mind that, generally speaking, prices for 320s as I said and depending on condition generally are in the $1,000 range and top out in the $1200 -1400 range. CRF-330s usually bring more because of the added tape recorder in the bottom of the unit. Of course, the market and demand determine price, and anyone who is really after one of these classic radios might be willing to pay more for a 320.

Excellent advice, Dan! Thank you for sharing.

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