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Distorted local FM audio on Brad’s Tecsun PL-660

PL-660SWLing Post reader, Brad, writes:

I just got a Tecsun PL-660 after reading many good reviews on the radio, but I have a problem in that there are two 100,000 W FM stations within a few miles of my house and the reception of these stations isn’t as good as some more distant stations.

The signal strength is great but the audio is a bit distorted like it has too much gain or something. If I manually tune the frequency a few hundreths off the “actual” frequency it seems to help. Moving the antenna switch to “normal” or “local” from “DX” doesn’t make much difference nor does using the external antenna. Any ideas what’s going on?

I’m about ready to return it and get a Sony ICF-SW7600GR instead.

This sounds, to me, like the front end is overloading on the PL-660. I don’t live near a blow torch FM station like Brad.

Have any other PL-660 owners had this problem? Any suggestions for Brad?  Please comment!

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