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Resistance Radio: “The Man in the High Castle” promotion

Over the past two years, I’ve enjoyed the Amazon.com series, “The Man In The High Castle“–a dystopian TV series which explores a world where WWII ended with a very different outcome.  This series is based on a 1962 book by Philip K. Dick.

As a promotion, Amazon recently created a virtual radio called “Resistance Radio” where the listener can pretend to be a part of this dystopia and tune in pirate broadcasts from the resistance movement.

It’s a fun virtual radio and the creators took some care in making it feel authentic. It’s reminiscent of a 1960s era Grundig or Telefunken.

The tuning knob, volume and memory push buttons all work. If you turn the receiver off for a while, it takes a few seconds for the audio to increase as the tubes warm up. It even has a red tuning indicator lamp. Between stations you’ll hear static, though it sounds a bit manufactured to us radio enthusiasts.

And, oh yeah, you’ll even numbers stations and Morse Code as you tune across the band.

Obviously, someone behind the virtual radio is a proper radio geek.

Someone needs to make a web-based virtual radio interface like this for TuneIn radio.

Update: SWLing Post contributor, David Cripe (NM0S) notes, “Utterly fascinating. If you access it on your cell phone, the interface is a pocket transistor radio!”

Click here to check out Resistance Radio (while it’s still online).

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