Hidden feature: Displaying the Tecsun PL-880 date of manufacture


Thanks to SWLing Post reader, Tim, we know how to display (what we believe is) the date of manufacture for your Tecsun PL-880:

1.) With the radio turned off, simply press and hold the “AM BW” button and the full display panel will turn on.

2.) Then press and hold the “AM BW” again and your 880?s firmware version will display (a four digit number).

3.) Finally, by pressing and holding the “AM BW” button one more time, a date appears in a year-month-day format. For example, my PL-880 (see above) was manufactured on November 13, 2013.

Again, we have no confirmation from Tecsun if this is truly the date of manufacture, but there is a strong possibility.

You can follow all Tecsun PL-880 updates by bookmarking/checking this link.

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6 Responses to Hidden feature: Displaying the Tecsun PL-880 date of manufacture

  1. Barry From Australia says:

    Hi Thomas. Thanks for the manufacturing date information. My date is the same as yours. November 2013. I also purchased mine from Anon-CO. I was wondering when the earlier versions sold by Amazon were manufactured.

    Barry From Australia.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi, Barry,

      I believe the older firmware shipped with a production date of October 23, 2013. I suspect the earlier production run shipped as bulk to distributors outside of China (hence Kaito receiving them). Anon-Co got a later production run. (At least, that’s my theory!)


  2. Lars (from Sweden) says:

    My 8820 version also shows 13 11 13. I believe that this may rather be the date when version 8820 was implemented. In the battery compartment there is a sticker showing 12/2013. I believe that is the month of manufacuring. (My unit was dispatched from Anon-Co on December 10th).

  3. Barry (From Australia) says:

    Hi I received my 8820 from Anon-CO on the 9th of December. It shows 13 11 13 while the sticker in the battery compartment shows 11/2013.

  4. john f. victor says:

    Having sent back my Tecsun pl880 to Amazon because of the earlier firmware number 8819, we contacted the retailer that Amazon used, and the retailer responded that they contacted Tecsun and were told these numbers are actually batch numbers and not firmware numbers. Batch numbers or firmware numbers………….who cares?. I am still very interested in purchasing the new Tecsun pl880, but Tecsun or it’s retailers need to come forward and clear up the performance issues issues before I will buy. If not, I will probably buy the Tecsun pl660.

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