Forcing the Tecsun PL-880 to use an external antenna on MW/LW

For those of you who aren’t satisfied with the PL-880’s internal ferrite antenna for mediumwave and longwave reception, here is a video explaining a work-around that will force the PL-880 to use an external antenna on those bands:

Many thanks to YouTube user pesnyaozemle for posting this video and to SWLing Post reader Jon for sharing.

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18 Responses to Forcing the Tecsun PL-880 to use an external antenna on MW/LW

  1. I followed the instructions but unfortunatelly it doesn’t work for me. Any idea?

  2. Williams says:

    What version is your receiver?
    8819 or 8820?

    • Dirk Piorr says:

      mine 880 (8820) refused to use an external antenna on MW/LW untill I pressed the reset button about a week ago.

  3. russ bunyas says:

    I have tried many times to do this and have not been able to replicate the same behavior as shown in the video. I never get a leading zero showing on the frequency which is supposedly the indication that the external antenna is in use. I have reset my radio many different times. My unit has 8820 firmware. It would be helpful if firmware version in this video was mentioned. Assuming the radio in the video has same firmware level as mine, then something is different in the radio’s setup or my radio has a defect. I’ve tried with and without an external antenna plugged in.

  4. firmware rel 8820 13.11.13 but I’m not able to get external antenna on MW/LW

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  6. R W says:

    FYI, vids that have “0” narration are on no use to a lot of us out there, wish you tube would ban that waist of time. An explanation is needed as button pushes in the dark are hard to follow. but thanks for the efferet

  7. Furoido says:

    Well now – it works immediately after you’ve pressed the reset button on mine (and reset was required), but “blows out” as soon as you make the mistake of touching the tuning dial – necessitating another reset to recover the ability. That’s mean, Tecsun!

    You also have to cycle in and out of sideband on the LW frequency you want before toggling back to FM or it’ll recover the “old” frequency rather than the one you wanted. But with “don’t touch that dial” in mind, I can now get it to give it to me reliably (skipping that cycle through the shortwave band on subsequent tuning, just [LW], [sideband on], [sideband off], [FM], [sideband]).

    Good luck, folks! Mine is someone’s used off eBay (if this was yours, how’d you scuff up the bottom of a $150 radio so badly?), firmware 8820.

    Now what was the trick for doing this on the DE1103?

  8. Furoido says:

    Realized you might have follow-up notification on. Check out my clearer instructions lower in the thread – a reset is required and (as far as I can tell so far) touching the tuning knob once while in the special mode will prevent you from doing it again until another reset.

    • Furoido says:

      ^ Sorry, that was my attempt to try to flag down the unlucky folks at the top of the thread. Too many awful reCAPTCHAs and I somehow fell out of ‘reply’ mode and wound up down here. Oh well, hope y’all find it!

  9. Andrew says:

    I received my Tecsun PL 880 thus past week. This feature does work. If you view the video at YouTube with a Computer or tablet.The instructions are embedded in the video. But you won’t be able to see to see these instructions if you view the video with your smart phone ??? Any way just follow each step and it wiil work. I also seem to have a problem with the direct keypad entry. On the SW only.I’m able to enter 3000 kHz to 299999 kHz on the keypad, but can not enter 1711 kHz to 29999 kHz? I don’t know if this is is a defect in the radio. Does anyone else have an issue with this? I’m directing this question (problem) toward Thomas. Thanks for any response.

  10. Bertrand says:

    Hi, on version 8820 it works… But sometimes it does not….anymore….!
    In this special case… take a little screwdriver and do a reset on the front …there is a little whole called reset, on the right side of the set…

    Switch the set on again …. it works again….

    A little bit complicated, the sofware switching, but permits the use of an ALA-100HG Loop on LW and MW…with superb results… but put the attenuator in the middle position…so the rx will not overload….!!!!!


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