Scandinavian Weekend Radio–catch it on shortwave

SWR (Scandinavian Weekend Radio) is one hip shortwave broadcaster–they’re grass-roots, people-driven and format-free. SWR has been on the air since 2000 and they were, at the time, Scandinavia’s first and only privately owned shortwave radio station.

SWR is not an easy catch for those of us outside of Europe, but with propagation better than it has been in the past few years, it certainly makes for fun DX.

When can you catch SWR? They typically broadcast on the first Saturday of every month for 24 hours, starting 2:00 UTC.

They are scheduled to operate on the following dates:

January 13th-14th 2012,
February 3rd-4th 2012
March 2nd-3rd 2012

You’ll find SWR on the following shortwave frequencies: 11,720 kHz, 11,690 kHz, 5,980 kHz and 6,170 kHz.

Let us know if you hear them! We’d like to thank Alokesh Gupta for the tip.

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