Universal Radio has priced the Bonito 1102S RadioJet very competitively

The Bonito 1102S RadioJet - Click to Enlarge

Universal Radio has published the price of the Bonito 1102S RadioJet at $699.95 US and they are taking orders.

Universal’s price is  $300 less than that of the Microtelecom Perseus ($999.95 US) and the $200 less than the WinRadio Excalibur ($899.95 US).

After reading Fernando’s review of the RadioJet–where he compared it to the Perseus–this may be one of the best SDR performers for the price. We will be reviewing the Bonito 1102S RadioJet in the near future as well.

To follow all updates of the Bonito 1102S RadioJet, please follow our tag: RadioJet

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5 thoughts on “Universal Radio has priced the Bonito 1102S RadioJet very competitively

  1. Kevin

    this is a good price comparison, that is much appreciated. But still wonder if you would get more out of a ham radio receiver like Yaesu FT-817. Is the noise rejection capability of SDR that much better than an actual multiband receiver?

    have to look at that and compare prices.

    1. Thomas Post author

      The Bonito Radio Jet will outperform the FT-817’s receiver in every respect.

      I used to own the FT-817. Many people love them and they sure have a lot of features for the price and size. I’m a pretty dedicated QRPer and found that the FT-817 was cumbersome for me to use in the field (display was too small, buttons tiny and multi-function knobs frustrating). I later purchased an Elecraft K2. The K2, however, is not general coverage (thus, no broadcast bands).

      I’ve been meaning to write a post about ham transceivers that would also make for great broadcast listening. Your comment has reminded me! 🙂 The idea is a very good one.

      In fact, for years, my main tabletop receiver was an old Icom IC-735 (available used for $300 US). I used it for SSB and CW, but when not hamming, open up the AM filter and cruised the broadcasters. It has exceptional performance for the price and is a great ham radio as well.

      Again, thanks for the reminder! I’ll start collecting some ideas. I chatted with Rob Sherwood recently about this and he even sent me his recommendations.

      1. Kevin

        also look at the AFEDRI radio for about $250. I am trying to order one today. It has many enthusiasts in a small community so far, but to me it beats the FiFi, SDR4+, Funcube, and SoftRock radios.

        Will look forward to your comments about a comparable used ham radio. Am completely surprised by the market forces and what has been designed to far. $20 to $1000 is a vast range and easy to get lost in.

        1. Thomas Post author

          You’re right, Kevin, about the price range. There are very good portables out there for $50 or less and SDRs for $300 or less.

          Then, you see the relatively modest radios that DXers like Glenn Hauser use, with incredible success, and realize that there’s also an art to listening.

          Really curious what you think about the AFEDRI–it has impressive specs. Keep us posted.

  2. Tim

    After reading Fernando’s review and watching the demos on YouTube, I ordered mine from universal Radio and received it in the mail on Friday. I am still on the steep upswing of the learning curve with the software, and haven’t done any comparisons between the RadioJet and my other receivers, but I can already tell you that this is an impressive performer. It’s also the first radio I’ve ever owned capable of picking up DRM transmissions, which has been an eye opener in and of itself. Listening to FM quality broadcasts from Radio New Zealand International is pretty remarkable to say the least.

    Like I said, it’s still too early to pass judgement one way or another on this radio, but we are off to an excellent start.


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