2 thoughts on “Video: R1155 Radio as fitted into a Lancaster Bomber

  1. Walter McCrystal

    A nicely designed and built radio receiver for what Britain was going through at time of war. My mum went through it and I heard the stories as I grew up.
    I have the R1155A in good condition. I built a homebrew outboard power supply and audio amplifier for it and listen to it on occasion with a longwire aerial. My tuning vernier did stick as well until I found a heavier viscosity lube for the vernier fast/slow tuning separation washer.
    It came in the original wooden storage crate with shipping papers. The signal-direction-finding function valves had also been removed.
    I am also very fond of my first ‘boatanchor’ that I purchased at my first hamfest in 6th grade. It is the CRV-46151 that was modified for AC power operation.
    Thanks for posting this.
    – Walt.


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