Frank hears Bureau Met in DRM

drmlogoFrank writes:

Hello Thomas,

This afternoon I came across ‘Bureau Met’ on 5960 [kHz]. I have been listening since 0800Z today, 24th Feb. SNR is a constant 19/20dB (RNZI peaks at about 17 on a good day. ). Content is a speech by Martin Luther King, ‘ one small step for mankind’, a speech by Churchill, more Apollo mission, Bill Clinton apologizing to the nation, and similar stuff repeating about every 40 minutes..

I suspect this is a Radio Australia test tx from their Canberra transmitter.

No station ID on the hour.


Thanks, Frank! Has anyone else caught this DRM broadcast?

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7 thoughts on “Frank hears Bureau Met in DRM

  1. Nigel Holmes

    Apologies Jonathan for mis-spelling.
    I also meant to add
    3. “…WASTE of Energy Resources.!!!. ” => at the ~1 kW mean level I don’t think so.

    1. Jonathan Marks

      My point was that there have been hours of DRM transmissions broadcast to “test” the technology and they haven’t led to the system being adopted as a replacement for analogue HF. That has failed. As a back-up system for satellite distribution (or to replace it in certain areas) , the way RNZI uses DRM, seems an excellent use of resources. Bureau Met sounds more like a B-to-B service. So curious to know what is being tested. I remember a conversation in Melbourne when we discussed the challenges of propagation in the outback, especially during extreme heat, and how DRM could be a robust communications medium.

  2. Nigel Holmes

    Steady on Jonathon & Dall – garner some facts before having a dump.
    1. It’s not a Radio Australia broadcast or even an ABC broadcast. Doesn’t “Bureau Met” give everyone a clue?
    2. In this instance it is a solution to problem, but not an international broadcast problem.

    Standby for further information.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Vimal, you have a point. It is a “cart before the horse” situation. I love the idea of DRM–something akin to satellite radio without satellites. However, only computer/receiver combos have proven effective so far at decoding DRM for many of us. I use the RadioJet.

      With the number of DRM transmitters you’ll have in India, perhaps it will be quite easy. Until we have a small, effective and inexpensive DRM radio, the mode stands no chance of adoption amongst listeners. It’s hard to believe it’s been out there over a decade (more or less) on the broadcasting side, yet only now portables are showing up. It takes optimistic broadcasters to invest in the technology, at least used over the shortwaves.

  3. Jonathan Marks

    what a waste of energy resources. I was involved with the first DRM tests in 1996. Hasn’t the medium been tested enough? It works, The only problem is that it is a solution to a problem that no longer exists. When will they get the memo?


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