Shortwave Radio Recordings: Jazz Notes

Jazz Notes presenter, Ivan Lloyd (Photo: Radio Australia)

Jazz Notes presenter, Ivan Lloyd (Photo: Radio Australia)

For your listening pleasure: thirty minutes of Radio Australia’s Jazz Notes.

This broadcast was recorded yesterday at 1:30 UTC on 11,945 kHz.  You will note a little noise that bleeds over from jamming of Radio Marti on an adjacent frequency.

You can download this recording of Jazz Notes by clicking here, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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2 thoughts on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Jazz Notes

  1. Thomas Post author

    Wow–Daniel, you’re a true child of the legendary Conover. Jazz must have sounded pretty amazing in rural India over shortwave. I know Willis’ voice did.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!


  2. Daniel F. Smith

    I grew up in remote North-East India. Almost was rural aerea.Very backward. I learnt English and a lot of things about the great big world outside my city by listening to SWradio. It was my constant companion. Learnt to love America and American Jazz which I listened to on VOA’s program hosted by the great Willis Conover. It was a let down when I arrived as a freshman at the Univ of Michigan, and I found out that SW radio was almost non-existent in day to day life in America.


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