Thanks to US shutdown, pirate radio activity reaches an all-time high

Pirate flag-001As frustrated as many are over the US government shutdown, it nonetheless offers one unique benefit to the shortwave radio community, and to pirate radio in particular––no FCC enforcement.

As we mentioned earlier, the FCC’s enforcement arm was shut down along with all other FCC activities that weren’t directly connected with “the protection of life or property.”

The result?  Pirates––lots of pirates––on the air! The Jolly Roger flaps in the breeze…

Pirate radio activity since the shutdown has truly been at a record high, with pirates taking to the airwaves throughout the week, and especially on the weekends.

Case in point: this past weekend, the North American “pirate radio grounds” of 6,920-6,970 kHz were packed with pirate radio stations.  There were even crowded band conditions; at one point I tweeted that there were no less than three pirates broadcasting simultaneously in just a small chunk of bandwidth on AM. Indeed, there may even have been a fourth that I couldn’t quite detect…An unusual occurrence, to say the least.  And with pirate radio’s favorite holiday, Halloween (think War of the Worlds), fast approaching, there’s likely to be more such unusual activity.

In the meantime, check out a few of our recent pirate radio recordings.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks to US shutdown, pirate radio activity reaches an all-time high

  1. Good Citizen

    Government created Pirate Radio with its tyranny oppressiveness. Our 1st amendment rights are grossly violated by a government that waves our American Flag. Freedom of speech cannot be squelched even a little bit according to our Founding Fathers. To do so makes a mockery of the Constitution that frees us. Acceptable speech needs no protection. Unacceptable speech is the bedrock of the 1st amendment to the constitution of these United States. With that said who is the real Patriot here?


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