Tecsun PL-880 on eBay as a pre-sale

TecsunPL-880front_amazonRadio Flynn comments:

Anon-co just posted a pre-sale for the [Tecsun] PL-880 on Ebay: $158.74.

They estimate shipping dates from Nov 30 – Dec. 10 [2013]. Just in time for Christmas!

Thanks for the update, Radio Flynn!

On a side note, I should have a review of the PL-880 posted in enough time to help you make a purchase decision before Christmas. I will do some comparison with the Tecsun PL-660.

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6 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-880 on eBay as a pre-sale

  1. RadioFlynn

    According to Anon-co, the size of the speaker in their Ebay listing is correct. The PL-880 will come with a 40mm, 16-pin dual magnetic speaker, and it is supposed to have much higher performance than the speaker types found in the PL-310 and PL-660. I googled it, and it seems that you might find this type of speaker in the smaller Bluetooth portable speakers (like Jawbone?) that are known for size-defying sound quality. Interesting!

  2. Bellro

    Compared to the PL-660, this more expensive unit *does not* come with SSB. I’ll like to know if the lack of SSB is an issue for locking on to signals that are fading.

  3. RadioFlynn

    The speaker size on the PL-660 is listed as 77mm (3″) on one site – my guess would be that the speaker on the PL-880 would be at least this big.

  4. RadioFlynn

    Two comments:
    1. When I look at the listing again, it say *free shipping* to the US. Sorry if this causes confusion. When I first saw the listing I was using my phone, and I didn’t notice I was looking at Ebay.ca. It must be $31.25 to ship to Canada.
    2. Is the speaker really 40mm (1.5″)? The PL-310et supposedly has a 57mm (2.25″) speaker, and I can’t imagine that the 880 has a speaker 2/3 the size!

    1. Thomas Post author

      I adjusted this to take out the shipping charge in the post, so no worries!
      I question that speaker size too. We’ll know soon!


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