Hidden feature: Changing the line-out level on the Tecsun PL-880

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Joost, for discovering and sharing yet another hidden feature of the Tecsun PL-880.

How to change the FM line-out level

1.) Turn on the PL-880 and select the FM radio band.

photo (6)

2.) Press and hold the number 7 for three seconds, the current line-out level will begin flashing.

3.) Use either tuning control to change the line-out level.

Unfortunately, it seems that the line-out level only works on the FM band (at least, on my firmware version). That’s a shame, too, as my shortwave and AM line-out levels default to a value that is much too high for a recording device, rendering the port useless. I value line-out for making reliable digital recordings while monitoring activity via the radio’s built-in speaker.

I hope this will be fixed in the future as I’m sure it can be addressed with a firmware update.

On a side note, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about a full PL-880 review. I’m nearing completion of it now–about 75% complete. It’s a rather long review and (I hope) will be useful. The ‘880 has so many features (both documented and hidden) that writing a review is a daunting task! Check back soon!

You can follow all Tecsun PL-880 updates by bookmarking/checking this link.

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10 thoughts on “Hidden feature: Changing the line-out level on the Tecsun PL-880

  1. Barry

    Hi Thomas.
    Thanks very much for helping me with that information. I have done exactly what you suggested on all am bands. After playing the radio on a strong MW station for 10 minutes the volume suddenly increased and after a few minutes dropped down a bit.. I will let you know how it is functioning over the next few days. My firmware version is also 8820. I really appreciate your help. THANKS.
    Yours Barry.

  2. Barry

    Hi I received this radio 4 days ago from Anon. After 2 days its volume levels have started to malfunction. On AM and SW the volume suddenly dramatically increases and then just as suddenly drops right away again. I have tried leaving the batteries out for a few hours and even pushing the reset button but so far it makes no difference. I have other radios that do not behave like this. This is my first Tecsun. I would appreciate any help or advice on this thanks .
    Yours Barry

  3. Mark Piaskiewicz

    I notice your battery is dying. What kind if battery life can we expect in typical use?

    Any luck zeroing the frequency?

    Any comment on the radio being triple conversion?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Mark,

      I was holding out hope someone else would comment on whether or not the PL-880 could be considered triple conversion. I simply don’t know enough about this ybrid DSP configuration to authoritatively say.

      Regarding battery life? It’s excellent. I bet my PL-880 will run for 15 or more continuous hours on one charge. Possibly much longer. I’ll have to test this on its own with the radio set to a moderate volume level.



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