Universal Radio now shipping the Tecsun PL-880

The Tecsun PL-880

The Tecsun PL-880

Universal Radio is now shipping the Tecsun PL-880–I understand that all of their units are firmware version 8820.

Click here to check out the PL-880 at Universal Radio’s website.

To read our review of the Tecsun PL-880, click here.

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3 thoughts on “Universal Radio now shipping the Tecsun PL-880

  1. Thomas Post author

    Hi, Sudhir,

    You’re right: Universal Radio does not ship internationally.

    I’m sure, though, that Anon-Co on eBay will ship to your home. Regarding duties, I have no idea what India import regulations are like. I can tell you that I didn’t have to pay duties into the USA.

    Here is a link to Anon-Co on eBay.



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